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At it’s base – SQOAD started out only being an optimization methodology aimed at quantifying front-line productivity across industries. This led to the creation of SQL-based Quantitative Models that were applied to different kinds of businesses from startups to established enterprises. Now the SQOAD Models have been “Productized” as a plug-in that can work on top of existing automation tools like CRMs and SFAs.

What really is SQOAD?

Every business looks to maximize it’s revenue. There are unique aspects to each of them but some underlying variables remain consistent. Example of this will be an Edtech company only providing online courses is distinctly different from one that promotes in-class curriculums. Not to mention that the factors governing an Edtech business cannot be the same as that of a Foodtech business.

There are unique business indicators that need to be considered for each of these businesses but the apsect that remain consistent for all are that they will employ online and in-field techniques to find customers, generate revenue and increase profit.  First, SQOAD identifies and quantifies variables unique to your business and then applies a front-line optimization methodology in order to maximize the revenue for a business

How can SQOAD be applicable across various businesses?

Post individual Quantification for your unique business, SQOAD will come up with Benchmarks to compare “like” businesses to yours. This will provide some Compliance Parameters that your current front-line and revenue generating processes can be measured against. From thereon, we can automate Performance-against-Compliance on an ongoing basis by building them into your current automation tools or engage our technology partner for the same.

What does it actually do?

How is this unique?

While at it’s heart SQOAD can be defined as - Revenue Modelling meets Simplified Optimization, we extended the concept to be easily understood and adapted by simplifying tracking of compliance into one simple score. A Single Compliance Score makes SQOAD a unique and highly user-friendly method at all levels of an organization.

Who else have you worked with?

SQOAD Models and Methodology has been applied to:

  • Logistics companies with Supply Chain Quantification

  • Real Estate with Space Utilization

  • Food Tech with Discount Optimization

  • EdTech with Sales Maximization

  • Manufacturing with Equipment Cost Effectiveness

To name a few. Please get in touch with us to know more about our past case studies.

Yes – typically business with complexity needing simplification. If your business involves either multiple products, is spread across geographies or has a large diversified workforce – you will find SQOAD useful. Think of it as a data tool that you need because you are unable to incorporate complex and minute variables of your business into maximizing revenue.

Are there particular types of businesses SQOAD is better suited for?

Yes there is – Data! We can help you establish a process to capture or better capture data by engaging our technology partners as a start but without data unfortunately we will not have much to work on.

Is there a pre-requisite to applying SQOAD?

We are only offering a quantifiable tool to help you grow your business. Our approach is based on our past consultative and technology experience growing businesses over the past decade.

Are you claiming to know my business better that me?

The first phase of our engagement is to get to know your business, your optimal revenue potential and the data you have currently available to you. We will provide you with a diagnostic and benchmark your business against other “like” businesses to establish the workings of an optimal model. The first phase lasts about a month and, is absolutely FREE so there is no reason not to engage with SQOAD! We only ask for your time and active engagement during this phase for us to understand your business better.

In phase two, we develop optimal models and revenue maximization strategies. We will identify areas where compliance measures will be implemented, build nudges or prompts that direct your teams towards optimal performance and thereby revenue maximization. 

Phase three starts  with implementation in your existing system or with our technology partner if you prefer. From thereon, we can remain engaged with you on an on-going basis with the understanding that if you make money – we make make money. Profit sharing or percentage of revenue growth options can be discussed only if you are comfortable. Else, flat fee or user-fee pricing is available as well. By working together, we continue to optimize not just your sales but also maximize your revenue as your partners.

How do we start?

How do I know my data is protected?

The beginning of every engagement is with signing an NDA. Incase you are interested in starting an engagement with us, please download the NDA format and sent it over to us. Your data will remain confidential.


If you still have doubts about sharing data – please feel free to “Mask” your confidential data before sending it to us. You can download how to send us masked data as well as a basic data format below as well.

So, how do we begin!


Fill out the NDA and send us some data using the button or email us at We will connect with you and set up time for our first discussion.

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