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Our Mission

Enable business owners to

optimize the front-line 
and maximize their bottom-line.

Our Story

If luck is when preparation meets opportunity, SQOAD is analytical passion meeting sales strategy experience! The genesis of the product came from years of experience working with businesses who seemed to be struggling with a complete understanding of how different variables in their business impact their bottom-line and limit the achievement of their optimal revenue performance. SQOAD quantifies these unique business variables and provides a simple score that guides your front-line towards revenue maximization.   

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Mudit Sibal began his career as an analyst building Revenue and Yield Management models for the airline and hotel industry. Having established a strong base in quantitative analytics, he gained exposure in various aspects of Sales Management including Revenue Optimization, Sales Technology Product Implementation and Team Management in large corporations in the US and India.

Over the last few years, Mudit used his experience to partner as a Sales Consultant working with Start-ups and Small-Medium businesses, which led to identifying the need for a product like SQOAD, which is a culmination of his analytical passion and sales experience.   

Experienced Leadership

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Navin Thangiah has 26 yrs of experience working with large enterprises like Wipro, Cadbury, HP, Hutch/Vodafone and Airtel before starting his entreprenurial journey 15 years ago in mobile payments, ed-tech and enterprise tech. He has completed his education from IIT Madras (1994) and IIM Ahmedabad (1996).
Navin specialises in business development, product management and business strategy
An ultra-marathon runner in his spare time, with several races of over 200 km under his feet, Navin revels in pushing limits, yet insists on setting his own pace.

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