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One Metric
to Optimize
Your Front-line

AI- led Revenue Maximization Plug-in for your Business 

Making AI work for 
your front-line

SQOAD- abbreviation for Simplified Quantification-using Optimal Algorithm-based Decision Modelling, is an automation plug-in that:

  • Identifies gaps in Front-line Productivity,

  • Incorporates efficiency in the Business Process and

  • Executes using a "data- driven" approach.

Powered by our new patent-pending Quantification Methodology that simplifies AI insights for your business 


Analyze the Company Data to Identify Variables Unique to the Company


Measures on - going compliance against the Optimal Strategy


Quantifies these Variables to come up with an Optimal Strategy to Maximize Revenue

Revenue Management

Optimizes Revenue by developing an executable strategy, coordinating operations, and implementing effective optimization techniques

Food Tech

Food Tech


Discount Optimization


Sales Maximization

Supply Chain Quantification

Real Estate

Space Utilization

Food Tech


Contact us for details on the industries SQOAD has been applied to. 

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

SQOAD provides a "single score" to measure your front-line productivity, simplify compliance and optimize revenue.

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